Non-Beauty Gifts for Myself: Coffee & BEST TEA EVER!

As a pat on my back for a job well done this semester, I decided to reward myself with coffee and tea!  There is nothing more relaxing than enjoying a warm mug of coffee with a good book or movie, and just lazing around in bed on a gloomy or rainy day.  I don’t live near a Starbucks and it was such a pain to crave for good coffee and then settle with instant coffee sachets just to somehow appease my craving.  So I decided it was high time to get myself a coffee maker!



The star in this photo is that red bag of tea!  It’s easily the best tea I ever had and now I can recreate milk teas served by my favorite restaurants just by adding condensed milk!  It tastes exactly the same as that served in Krua Thai, a local Thai restaurant.  It definitely lives up to its name – Number One Brand Tea.  It’s made in Thailand and is not sold in Cebu, so I had to get mine shipped from a reseller in Manila.  A 400 gram bag sells for Php 350 or roughly $8.  It tastes soooooo good, I just want to let everyone know about it!

I also got a 50g bottle of Boncafe’s Brazilian Gold Aroma Freeze Dried Coffee.  I haven’t tried it yet but reading its description, I might be in for a treat – “Roasted and blended from a selection of pure Brazilian Arabica beans, Boncafe Brazilian Gold Instant Coffee is a bittersweet, chocolatey brew that is slightly acidic and nutty in flavor. A free-spirited brew, its lively character and robust aroma provide an inspirational counterpoint to a busy modern lifestyle.”

I know I rarely buy anything else aside from beauty products, but this is just sooo worth it!  

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