Crazy for Colors! More WnW Megalast Lipsticks

Back in grade school, my parents only got me the 24-carton Crayola crayons.  So, every time my classmate would whip out her 96-box, I would just drool over it and get overly jealous!  Can’t seem to get enough of the cool color names like, “periwinkle”, “burnt sienna”, “forest green,” and “cornflower blue”.  I think my favorite crayon back then was the “lime green”.

I don’t think my fascination with these colored crayons ever stopped – it just transformed into the love for lipsticks!  I got three more colors from the Wet n Wild Megalast line (which I love) and had my sister pick a 4th one for herself.

Wet n Wild

For myself, I got In the Flesh, Smokin Hot Pink and Cherry Bomb, while my sister got Coral-ine.  My favorite color out of the bunch had to be In the Flesh – it’s the perfect MLBB shade for me!  I was looking for a nude that didn’t wash me out, and this seems to be a great browny pinky nude that was almost like the color of my lips.  Good thing I chanced upon it on one of the posts on Beautylish.

lazy lip swatchin

I did some lazy lip swatching with nothing on my face but the lipsticks, so please excuse my bare skin and all it’s eeky eekiness.  I am not sure if the color translates well in the photos, and some are blurry, but these could be helpful, so might as well post it.  I know the application is really uneven, (that last one looks really awful, haha) but meh, today was a very lazy day.

From top to bottom: In the Flesh, Smokin Hot Pink, Coraline, Cherry Bomb

In the Flesh: Perfect my-lips-but-better everyday shade.  Glides on well, lasts fairly long.

Smokin Hot Pink: Really bright, shocking pink!  I’m reserving this shade for nights out with the girls, maybe.

Coraline: I’m not a fan of this shade.  It looks like a cross between red and orange, and I’m very fond of red lipsticks, so why not just go red right away?  Or a full on orange?  I’m probably getting Purty Persimmon or 24 Carrot Gold next.

Cherry Bomb: I got this mainly for shock factor.  Looks so bold and vampy.  Rawrrr. :3

What’s your fave color from the Megalast Lipsticks?

8 thoughts on “Crazy for Colors! More WnW Megalast Lipsticks

  1. Hello! Thanks for following my blog. I’ll follow you back! :)

    Like you, I also can’t get enough of the Wet n Wild Megalast Lipsticks. I want to buy all the colors! :)

    • LOL – It’s addicting! Just read your post on the Purty Persimmon. Been debating whether to get that or Carrot Gold for my ‘orange’ color. Still don’t have an orange lippie yet. Definitely get the Smokin Hot Pink, it would look soooo good on you! xx

      • I would recommend you Carrot Gold! It’s my fave! You can use it for day time or night time look! Plus it brightens up your face because of the corally/orange shade of it. Haha, thanks Jona! I still haven’t tried Wet N Wild lipsticks with pink shades. I’m also gonna try the nudes and berry ones. Thanks for this, kisses :)

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