Breaking the (Re)Bond – Hello Virgin Hair!

Would you believe I have not seen my virgin hair since I was 14? I’ve been doing all sorts of chemical straightening like relaxing and hair rebonding just to achieve a much coveted head of straight hair.  My last treatment was on July 2013 (wrote about it here) and on August of this year, I decided to chop off as much of my rebonded hair to pave way for my virgin hair. Yay!

Hair Before and After

What Made Me Decide To Do It

1. I was not going to keep getting chemical treatments twice a year for the rest of my life.  Aside from it being expensive, I can’t imagine having to do that when I’m 60!  If I was going to stop sooner, might as well start now.

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My Eye Injury – No Makeup for Now :(

Nope, it’s not SFX makeup. This actually happened and I am devastated! I was involved in a motor vehicle accident (I was a passenger) and I sustained injuries to my right eye. You can’t imagine the fear I felt when I was rushed to the hospital.  All the time, I was thinking how I could not afford to lose my eyesight. This is how it looks after about a week from the accident.


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